HSU students are FREE (excluding summer swimming)!

(You will need to come up to the Kinesiology Office (KA 305) during business hours with your HSU student or HSU faculty/staff ID to get the code to the locker room.)

The use of the HSU pool is restricted to fully matriculated HSU students. Those students who are enrolled in Extended Ed, OLLI, Over 60, or any other program that does not pay an “activity fee” are not eligible to swim. Those wishing to use the pool must also have their HSU student ID with them. For the summer, students/staff/faculty can purchase an Unlimited Swim Pass for $30 at the Cashier's Office.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy or locker room questions (i.e. locker room door code), please direct your questions to the Kinesiology Office, KA 305, located on the 3rd floor of the KA building. The office can be reached at (707) 826-4532 or through email at kra@humboldt.edu or kalockers@humboldt.edu for lock and locker questions.

General dress code:
• Only proper swimming attire is allowed consisting of a bathing suit is required. This may consist of shorts, spandex or tight fitting sports style tank top for modesty.
• Please no undergarments, thongs, street clothes or cut offs
• For your safety, please do not wear excessive clothing. Properly fit shorts, rash guards and work out tanks are acceptable.
• Swim caps are optional.

Class dress code:
• Proper swimming attire is required for all classes.
• Women: one piece competition style swim suit.  No two piece suits allowed.
• Men: speedo, jammer, or trucks with draw strings. No micro speedos or loose fitting shorts without drawstrings.
• Swim caps and goggles are optional but encouraged.

*If there are questions about attire due to religious beliefs, etc. please contact the swimming pool for more information.