Biomechanics Lab

Biomechanics Lab

Biomechanics Lab
Kinesiology and Athletics Building,
Room 256B


Phone: 707-826-5973
Fax: 707-826-5451

All Human Performance lab and Biomechanics lab Services are suspended until further notice due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Biomechanics is mechanics applied to biology... (Y.C. Fung, 1981). Therefore biomechanics uses expertise from disciplines such as engineering, anatomy, rehabilitation, medicine, orthopaedics, and sport science. The Biomechanics Laboratory at Humboldt State University is a research AND learning laboratory affiliated with the Institute of Health and Human Performance. The mission of the HSU Biomechanics lab is to: (1) educate and train students in the performance of high-quality biomechanical research methods and techniques; (2) explore and document the mechanical and neuromuscular characteristics of human motion; (3) provide biomechanics and neurocognitive related assessment services to the HSU and surrounding communities; and (4) transfer acquired knowledge to advance the art in our field.

Research Interests
• The biomechanics, energetics, and neural control of walking and running.
• Effects of concussion on neurocognitive function and motor control.

• Director: Justus Ortega , Ph.D.

North Coast Concussion Program Coordinator: Beth Larson, M.S.

• Lab Manager: Nikaela Hemminger, B.S. (

• Collaborators: Rodger Kram, Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder; Stan Lindstat, Ph.D., University of Northern Arizona; Kevin Conley, Ph.D., University of Washington; Massimo Venturelli, University of Utah.