Pre-Physical Therapy Club

The Pre-Physical Therapy Club involves students who are interested in physical or occupational therapy, chiropractic care, as well as any pre-health profession-based majors. The Pre-Physical Therapy Club strives to focus on discussing ways to prepare students into their next phase of education, which includes aiding students in the prerequisites required for graduate programs, preparing for and how to take the GRE, as well as how to gain community service and observation hours. Not only do we help to educate others on the pre-health professional fields that are offered, but community members that are health professionals also are invited to come to speak at club meetings in order for students to gain a perspective of what life is like in that profession as well as an opportunity for questions. Previous students of Humboldt also will connect with our club to give their perspective of what graduate programs are like or post-graduation life is like. The also club aims to participate in many community service projects in the local area to give back to the county's community members by providing services such as beach clean-ups, canned food drives, backpack strap checks in the Humboldt Library, and participation in local races in the area. We would love any members to join our club as they continue their journey to becoming a health professional.

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