Cal Poly Humboldt's Outstanding Students of 2019

Kinesiology and Recreation Administraion award winners: 

Outstanding Students of the Year for Outstanding Academic and Co-curricular Contributions:

Mary Elise Conzelmann, Recreation Administration Major

Excellence in an Academic Discipline: College of Professional Studies

Haley Miller—Kinesiology

Recipients of the McConkey Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

Angel Lomeli—Kinesiology

Humboldt’s Outstanding Student Researchers

Jessie Armendariz, graduate, Kinesiology
“Effects on Wild Blueberry Drink on Fat Oxidation During Cycling in Healthy, Active Males”
Faculty Advisor: Taylor Bloedon, Kinesology

Andrew Hahn, graduate, Kinesiology
“The Effect of Interval Intensity on Time to Exhaustion and Metabolic Profile During HIIT Running in Recreational Runners”
Faculty Advisor: Young Sub Kwon, Kinesiology

Angel Lomeli, graduate, Kinesiology
“The Effects of Secondary Cognitive Tasks on Performance of the 3-Meter Tandem Gait in Concussed and Non-concussed Individuals” 
Faculty Advisor: Justus Ortega, Kinesiology

Nathan Tamayo Hernandez, graduate, Kinesiology
“Performance Profile for Tabata Intermittent Training on Treadmill” 
Faculty Advisor: Young Sub Kwon, Kinesiology