Jill Anderson

Department Chair / Associate Professor


Jill is an associate professor teaching in Health Education, Research Methods, and the Adapted Physical Education Preparation program. She is passionate about accessible programming and supporting the health of all individuals in the community. While at Oregon State for graduate school, Jill maintained a connection to the community by coordinating a swim and gym physical activity program for children and young adults with disabilities, teaching lifetime physical activity in a transition services class, designing a health promotion and psychological support program for children who had a family member with cancer, and designing and implementing health promotion programs for adults with mobility disabilities. After graduate school, Jill spent a year at the University of Michigan doing a post doc that explored physical activity promotion for pre-school aged children with disabilities. Combined, this work provided experience with building healthy individuals and communities at an early age and the supports needed to sustain these positive health behaviors across the lifespan.

She is on leave for Fall 2023.



Developing and implementing accessible, community based, health promotion programs and the use of media and alternative communication to disseminate health messages to broader populations. 

Courses Taught: 
HED 390 Design and Implementation of Health Promotion Programs
HED 345 Messaging and Mass Media
HED 392 Community and Population Health
HED 405 School Health Programs
KINS 483 Evaluation Techniques in Kinesiology
KINS 492 Senior Seminar
KINS 535 Assessment Techniques
KINS 577 Adapted Physical Education Programming
KINS 610 Statistics in Kinesiology
KINS 635 Research Methods in Kinesiology
Dr. Jill Anderson, PhD, MPH
(707) 826-4541
KA 348