Sarah Peters Gonzalez

Academic Advisor (Kinesiology/Rec Admin)


My passion is building healthy communities where everyone can feel a sense of belonging. I come to the world of advising following a path as an arts educator and theatre artist. I was a quiet (some might say nerdy) young person. Always a little shy in big groups. I’ve come a long way since then, but on the inside, that’s still me. As a college student, with a change of major, it took five years to complete my undergraduate degree (1998). I then gathered some years of professional experience before pursuing my graduate degree (2008). I continue to adore the adventure of learning. I love and care for this place we get to share, and when I’m not on campus, my projects include creating theatre, building workshops, cooking, and being around my family which includes my husband James, my adult step-kids, a cat, a bunny, and tiny dinosaurs (aka chickens).

To me, academic advising is like gardening: What are the right tools and the right care so you can grow towards the life that is just right for you and your community?

I look forward to meeting you and learning what's important to you.

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Sarah Peters Gonzalez
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