Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement, including physical activity and daily activities, and physical education exercise and sport. Using technical methods and thorough knowledge of the human body and how it works, professionals in our field help people of all ages live healthier lives and resume normal activities following illness or injury. Your education in Kinesiology can lead to a rewarding career in professions such as, an exercise science program manager, researcher, personal trainer, physical therapist, teacher or coach, or sports physician.

There are 3 options you can pursue for your BS in Kinesiology: Exercise Science/Health Promotion, Pre-Physical Therapy or Teaching/Coaching.


High school students should follow preparation requirements for the CSU system and take most of their courses in English, mathematics, social sciences, biology, physics, and chemistry. Participation in physical activity, sports, and outdoor activities is recommended.

Community college students must plan to take Human Anatomy and Human Physiology.

To further assist students with their academic plan, we have established a Five-Year Course Rotation. This document is a projection of courses taught in future semesters.


Student Learning Outcomes:

Students completing this program will have demonstrated the ability to:

1. Identify and explain the concepts of kinesiology.

2. Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate relevant information from scientific literature to inform professional practice.

3. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication for the discipline of kinesiology.

4. Apply knowledge and skills from kinesiology to promote health and physical activity, and optimize performance among diverse populations.