Program Requirements

Master of Science in Kinesiology Program of Study

Students complete a minimum of 30 graduate units in Kinesiology or supporting courses approved by the graduate advisor. A minimum of 15 of these units must be at the graduate level (500-600 courses), and upper division courses (300-400) level may be taken in the program with advisor approval. Each semester students should meet with their graduate advisor to discuss degree progress with an appropriate course of study. The upper limit of units supported by financial aid is 45; Teaching Associates have an upper limit of 37.5 units.

Core Courses (15 units)
KINS 635 Research Methods (3)
KINS 610 Statistics (3)
*KINS 690 Thesis/Project (6)
KINS 695/699 Field Work or Independent Study (3)

*A minimum of three semesters of KINS 690: Thesis or Project (2 units each semester – 6 units count toward the required units for the degree).

In-Depth Courses (specialization) courses are selected in consultation with an advisor to complete additional minimum 15 unit requirements.