CSU Concussion Project

The North Coast Concussion Project (NCCP) is assisting the California State University Office of the Chancellor in developing a comprehensive concussion management protocol for all 23 CSU campuses. The CSU is developing a system-wide set of policies and procedures for concussion management. The NCCP was selected by the CSU for this work based on previous work in developing procedures related to concussion management.

The NCCP has been consulting with the various offices in the CSU that are integral to policy development including risk management and environmental health and safety. The outcome will be a set of policies and procedures to cover all aspects of concussion management that will include the general student population. Typically athletic programs have existing guidelines, however, the scope of work in this project includes club sport athletes and activities in other aspects of student life. The NCCP is helping the CSU create training materials and an online course that will be available to CSU campuses in 2016.

For more information, contact Cal Poly Humboldt Kinesiology Professor Justus Ortega at (707) 826-4274 or Justus.Ortega@humboldt.edu.

Or visit the NCCP Homepage: https://nccp58.wixsite.com/concussion-program