Who We Are


Through the leadership of Beth Larson and Justus Ortega, the NCCP provides the opportunity for HSU students to learn about traumatic brain injuries while also gaining hands-on experience working with community members of all ages and backgrounds. Without our students, the NCCP could not provide the large scale services we are currently able to.

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  • Beth Larson, M.S.

    Beth Larson

    Program Coordinator

    Beth coordinates programs and services for the NCCP and is a lecturer at HSU. She began researching mild traumatic brain injury at HSU in 2008 while on a national grant studying concussion and depression in high school and collegiate athletes. She provides up-to-date education on scientific consensus for medical professionals, schools, parents, teachers, teams, and anyone else who will listen. Happily, she spends much of her time talking with and advising people throughout their recovery process.

  • Justus Ortega

    Justus Ortega

    Program Director

    As professor of Kinesiology, Justus primarily teaches biomechanics, motor learning, and development. He has served as director of the Biomechanics lab since 2006 and director of the NCCP since 2009. From his research, Dr. Ortega has developed balance, mobility and fall risk assessment services in line with best practices and CA state law for the surrounding North Coast community. He also conducts research that focuses on the effects of concussions on neurological and motor function in youth and adults.

Community Engagement

The NCCP is a resource for the entire community, whether or not you’re already a part of our program through some existing school or organizational affiliation. 

Contact Info

707-826-4540  nccp@humboldt.edu

In order to schedule baseline or post-injury appointments, or to invite us to talk about concussion to anyone who will listen. Click below for more information on separate services. 

Our Services

Healthcare professionals, educators, coaches, sport leagues and anyone else is welcome to utilize the NCCP for continuing education on topics from policy to best practices to in-depth neuroscience, and anything concussion in between.