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The NCCP has the only clinic in the region offering comprehensive baseline and post-injury services for individuals ages 5 years and older. Our assessments are validated and reliable, which means they are scientifically shown to help in the diagnosis and monitoring of a concussion, and are conducted by our staff trained specifically in concussion management. We offer baseline testing at Humboldt State University but also at a variety of locations throughout Humboldt and Del Norte Counties.


Baseline Assessment

For optimal concussion management, baseline tests offer an individualized reference evaluation of brain function when assessing and tracking concussion recovery. The NCCP primarily uses the computerized neurocognitive ImPACT Test to establish accurate baselines.

The testing will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

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Post Injury Assessment

If you have sustained a concussion, the NCCP is here to offer our supportive ears and injury expertise. We will work with you as long as needed to help monitor symptoms and minimize recovery time. Through a variety of cognitive, balance and motor assessments, we can accurately and individually track your recovery, and will work with your other health care practitioners in the management of your injury.

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