Post-Injury Assessments

If there is a suspected concussion, schedule a post-injury appointment (baseline not required). 

We work with health care providers, using consensus best practices for injury management during recovery. Post-injury assessments are used to monitor cognition, balance, and motor skills.

Computerized Neurocognitive Test (ImPACT) 

The Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test (ImPACT) is a computerized neurocognitive test used in sports concussion
assessment and management for individuals age 12 and older. For children age 5-11 years old ImPACT Pediatric is used. ImPACT is the most widely used computerized neurocognitive test to help evaluate and manage concussions. ImPACT is used by more than 7,400 high schools, 1,000 colleges and universities, 900 clinical centers, 475 Credentialed ImPACT Consultants, 200 professional teams, and select military units, expressly so medical clinicians, and other qualified healthcare providers, can better manage a concussion injury.

Although having a Baseline ImPACT test can greatly help in the assessment of a concussion injury, it is not required in order to use ImPACT following a suspected concussion injury. The personnel at the NCCP are specifically trained in the administration and interpretation of the ImPACT test. Following either baseline or post injury test, a member of our NCCP teams can review an ImPACT test and provide an interpretation that may be valuable in the understanding of the test results and in the management of the concussed athlete.

Schedule a post-injury at HSU

NCCP coordinates post-injury assessments at HSU. Please call our office at (707) 826-4540 or email for more information.