North Coast Concussion Program


The North Coast Concussion Program at Humboldt provides baseline and post injury management services for thousands of Humboldt and Del Norte County residents each year, including Humboldt students, staff and faculty, 11 regional high schools, area youth and adult sport leagues, and local community members. Beth Larson, MS, began researching mild traumatic brain injury at Humboldt in 2008 while on a national grant studying concussion and depression in high school and collegiate athletes. She provides concussion education for area medical professionals in addition to schools, coaches, parents and athletes. The NCCP feels passionately that making the science of concussion accessible to a broader audience is imperative for minimizing the incidence of, and harm from, mild traumatic brain injuries.

The NCCP is always striving to add to the body of research knowledge on concussion. Under the direction of Justus Ortega, PhD, we are usually working on a variety of research projects and sincerely appreciate anyone who volunteers to participate. Many studies involve no extra time or effort for people already a part of the program, but participation is never mandatory and we will always inform you of any opportunities and obtain your consent before including you in any research. Humboldt students, faculty, staff and greater community members are also invited to participate in research by providing additional “normal,” or non-concussed data.

Anyone can come to the NCCP and we love getting questions about anything concussion related. Please consider us a resource and feel free to spread the word!

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