Concussion Services for Humboldt Del Norte High Athletic League

The North Coast Concussion Program (NCCP) provides concussion testing services for all student athletes in the Humboldt Del Norte (HDN) High School Athletic League. The HDN league is affiliated with the California Interscholastic Federation. The NCCP uses ImPACT® computerized neurocognitive testing. Concussion services are provided for the following schools: Arcata, Del Norte, Eureka, Fortuna, McKinleyville, Ferndale, Hoopa, St. Bernard’s, and South Fork High Schools. This is the third year of the project.

The NCCP has established exemplary working protocols that now serve as a model for concussion injury management. Each school designates a representative for return-to-play decisions and final communication on concussion-related injuries with parents and coaches as needed (e.g., Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer, or Principal). Each school establishes a school liaison to communicate with NCCP regarding any necessary testing scheduling logistics. Rosters/schedules are provided by school liaisons and each school liaison helps with logistics and scheduling of baseline testing. Athletes participating in all sports are tested prior to starting full-practice for their season. The NCCP recommends awareness education for all schools and all relevant persons including athletes, parents, coaches, teachers, and other applicable personnel. Attendees at these trainings are asked to sign an agreement that they have learned/understand basic concussion management.

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