Firefighter and Police Fitness Training

To help support police officers and firefighters in managing the physical demands of their jobs, Dr. Young sub Kwon has created physical training and fitness programs. The Arcata Fire Department, the Humboldt Bay Fire Department, and the Humboldt Police Department are currently participating as Dr. Kwon develops personalized fitness programs for each participant. The program starts with a detailed assessment of a person’s overall fitness, measured by health and skill level.

The program is tailored to develop physical fitness traits that match the demand of the firefighting and police jobs. Firefighters have to be ready to climb across wires, use heavy and unwieldy equipment and run into burning buildings. Police officers have to be ready to run after a suspect after sitting in a car all day. The capacity to respond quickly in intensely stressful situations is taken into consideration in the development of the training programs. Although California’s police officers are not required to meet physical fitness requirements, many police departments are involved in programs to secure their own well-being as they perform physical and dangerous tasks.

For more information, contact Cal Poly Humboldt Kinesiology Professor Young sub Kwon at (707) 826-5944 or