Humboldtfit is a program focused on fitness, fun, and friendship for children and youth with disabilities. Humboldtfit provides physical activities in a fun, noncompetitive atmosphere that supports each person in reaching his or her goals. By working alongside skilled Humboldt students, the program is designed to build friendships, increase self-esteem, improve motor skills and levels of physical fitness while ultimately having fun in a nurturing environment. Humboldtfit focuses on the whole family by welcoming siblings into the program and providing opportunities for parents/caregivers to participate in a parallel wellness program held at Humboldt.

The Humboldtfit Program provides trans-disciplinary practicum opportunities for Humboldt students. Each Humboldt Peer Partner will receive training and support to provide hands-on experience focusing on fitness and fun for children who have disabilities. Peer Partners come from a number of majors throughout the Humboldt, including: adapted physical education, recreation administration, kinesiology, elementary education, child development, and psychology. Peer Partners can build upon theories learned in their classes as they expand upon their professional service experiences. Humboldtfit also offers leadership opportunities for graduate students in adapted physical education.

For more information, contact Cal Poly Humboldt Recreation Administration Professor Jayne McGuire at (707) 826-3735 or